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We provide our clients with...

more than just drinking water!

Dealing with various water sources and undesirable contaminants (biological and/or chemical) requires expertise and a wide range of solutions. ARISU - smart water solutions, provides you with both. Through close collaborations with many local representatives worldwide we have build lasting alliances which allow us to better serve our customers. We do not stop at providing clean drinking water only, but lead in waste water treatment, photovoltaic and pump technologies as well.

Drinking water treatment unit

Regardless if salty, fresh or bottled

Our Water Treatment Solutions at a glance

Fresh water solutions

Many contaminants may be present in fresh water, which together with other factors like access to electricity, Know-how, human resources and desired water quantities determine the best possible technical approach. Thanks to ARISU’s 6-Step method (without toxic chemicals and / or no raw water loss) we can offer much more than just MF, VF, RO or UV.

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Sea water solutions

Converting sea water or brackish water into drinking water is usually processed using the reverse osmosis method (RO), providing there is no wasted heat available. The latter would allow for usage of the low-grade heat as a thermalenergy source. Similar as in fresh water solutions, many factors determine the best technical approach.

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Bottling solutions

Buzzword “Water Kiosk”. Not all drinking water treatment plants provide water to the networks or distribute the water to the local dispenser points. We offer simple, semi-automated solutions for water kiosks and extremely powerful container solutions with integrated, fully-automatic bottle production and bottling.

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Flexible and on-site

Our Partners

Equal partnership is a critical aspect in maintaining close proximity and successful relationship with our clients. Our partners share our core values, goals and strategic objectives needed in pursue of a wide range of solutions.

Our Partners

Rethinking Sustainability – Technology meets Knowledge transfer

Our intention is to help more people gain access to clean drinking water! This is our field of expertise - but what about wastewater? We consider answers to this question, as well as, the necessary knowledge transfer (Capacity Building) needed to provide solutions for recycling water in poor or drought-stricken areas as becoming a necessity for a sustainable water future.

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Water trailer for mobile water treatment

Self-contained and decentralized

Mobile Water Treatment

Our solution is a self-contained, ready-to-operate, mobile water trailer, fully tested and capable of providing 24,000L of drinking water daily. The system can use Photovoltaic (mounted on the rooftop) and/or an integrated diesel generator as the power source in a remote area or if there is no other on-site power source available.

Our mobile water treatment solution

Tailor-made Solutions for every need

We offer a wide range of technical engineering approaches to provide a custom designed solution to meet the needs of each individual client as long as the “standard” does not apply.

Non-governmental-organization (NGO)

For NGO’s we offer a wide variety of simple, sustainable, independent of energy source solutions in form of containerized ultrafiltration systems or trailer-mounted units.

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Hospitals, Hotels etc.

Innovative solutions for high demand requirement hospitality and/ or healthcare facilities, in short supply of technically trained staff running 24/7 operations. Click to read more.

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Suppliers, Industry, Government agencies

Should the required amount increase and/or exceed 100 m3/h (40 ft. container system), we offer a nearly unlimited range of products and services based on individual requirements. Click to read more.

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Small and mobile

Our system is an ideal solution for drinking water used by a family of 5-10 people or a small community. It requires no electrical power at all, or hardly any! Click to read more.

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Medium and mobile

Thanks to their compact design, our 2.5 m3/h water output systems are fully mobile and can be delivered with a trailer, if required. Click to read more.

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Large-scale systems, Individual solutions

Made-to-order systems designed for large flow rates associated with commercial or industrial applications using fresh or salt water. Click to read more.

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Non-governmental-organizations (NGO)

NGO´s involvement in the area of water treatment extends to emergency projects and long-term infrastructute. In particular, emergency projects require technically robust solutions to service larger crowds which are easy to deploy and can be operated by local partners in the long term. Alternatively, current-less solutions can also be used on a „family level“.

Long term investments in water supply often lead to solutions, where factors such as the ease of operation, low power consumption, low maintenance and the employment of chemicals (also to clean the system) play an important role, El Charco / Columbia

Hospitals, Hotels, etc.

Hospitals and Hotels – especially in regions where there is no guaranteed safe drinking water supply, require a permanent solution for raw water treatment. Supplying hotel guests with small bottles of drinking water does not release hotels from their obligation of providing their customers with „almost“ drinkable water for showering and washing. (Buzzword Legionella).

Our 6-step method allows hotels and hospitals to meet these quality requirements without engaging in highly intensive personnel or energy operations and without need for chemicals. In the case of saline water sources (brakish- or seawater), we provide the RO systems with the lowest possible pressure performance, in order to minimize the efforts required for operation and maintenance.

ARISU 6-Step method for chemical-free cleaning of fresh water

Utilities, Industry, Government

For utilities, food industry customers as well as government authorities, the demand often exceeds 10 m3/h. Depending on the field of application, we provide container solutions up to 100 m3/h as well as individual solutions for larger systems with larger quantities. The key in the selection of the best possible technology is based on the intended use (not necessarily drinking water condition!), an analysis of the raw water quality, and in case of salty raw water – the availability of the waste heat. This can be used in the context with thermal processes, thus providing the basis for a very energy-efficient and low-maintenance alternative to reverse osmosis systems (RO).

Implemented solution in Angola

Small and mobile

In many regions of the world people rely on drinking water from lakes, wells or rivers, which is often polluted and undrinkable. With this in minde we have developed ARISU "home". Our goal is to provide these regions with an opportunity to eliminate the coliform germs and bacteria from their polluted drinking water. Our „plug & play“ system consists of a large membrane (UF), delivered in combination with a 60-liter container, necessary hose connections and a dispensing valve. It is capable of providing drinking and cooking water for a 5-10 member family through a realistic and achievable flow rate of 2.5 L / h. For long-term applications, the membrane should be rinsed with clean water at monthly intervals - without chemicals!

Mobile water treatment: Chemical-free and without energy

Medium and mobile

Medium-capacity plants (500 to 2500 L / h) can provide approx. 40 L / day / person (WHO standard) of drinking water for up to 1500 people. Due to their compact size and weight ( less than 400 kg) it is possible to install them on trailers or pick-ups, if a need for multiple source of water usage exists or to relieve temporary emergencies. The supply of electricity to these systems is provided by photovoltaic and / or through an integrated diesel generator. Appropriate interpretations are made according to the resources available on site. In view of the wide spectrum of possible applications for mobile systems, we can also provide a so-called "combi-system", which first cleans the raw water in six stages and then performs a desalination via a small RO method.

Mobile water treatment solution for medium-capacity plants

Large plants, individual solutions

With regard to possible plant sizes, we are able to cover the requirements for a capacity of approx. 10,000 m3 / day. In the case there is a need to supply larger cities or industrial sites with a higher amount of drinking water, we can provide a de-centralized solution across multiple sites. Our portfolio of available technologies includes not only our 6-step process, but also ultrafiltration (UF),reverse osmosis (RO), demanganization and deironing solutions.

Large scale Reverse-Osmosis (RO) solutions

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Energy efficient and chemical-free

Focus on Sustainability

Water means life! It goes without saying that fresh, clean water is life-sustaining and becoming increasingly scarce. Our lives and those of future generations depend on how we deal with this precious, natural resource. It is vital to protect, guard and preserve water by managing it wisely. We contribute to water sustainability by raising awareness for water conservation and through following processes:

Power-less Ultrafiltration (UF)

No energy consumption, no chemical toxins for cleaning and removing biological contaminants in water found in poor households of developing or emerging countries.

ARISU 6-Step method

Capable of producing 1000 -100,000 L of drinking water (per hour), no chemicals used in cleaning, no raw water loss (i.e. system flushing), 9-12 monthly maintenance intervals at merely 1 KW per 1000 L of drinking water!

Thermal method

Sea water desalination process utilizing available waste heat with low energy consumption of merely 1 KW for 1000 L drinking water