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Fresh Water

ARISU 6-step method for cleaning fresh water

Our Fresh Water Solutions

Fresh water is hardly polluted by nature. There are also many more solutions available than just the membrane technology to treat the water contaminated by human waste. We will cover these at different levels and above all we will present our own 6-Step method. Our 6-Step method is the result of many years of development to pursue our vision in providing our clients with a 100% chemical-free and practically maintenance-free technology.

The Technology

A short summary about the technology behind our 6-Step method.

ARISU 6-Step method: Step 1 (Pre-filtering)

Step 1: Pre-filtering

A crystal quartz sand and Evazit filter prevents the ingress of coarse, non-dissolved particles and so-called floating particles in the system.

ARISU 6-Step method: Step 2 (Electro-chemical Oxidation)

Step 2: Electro-chemical Oxidation

Our reactor splits the water into 3 elements: oxygen, hydrogen and free chlorine. Whereas oxygen causes a “further oxidation” of organic substances, the chlorine kills all the germs and bacteria.

ARISU 6-Step method: Step 3 (Depot Chamber)

Step 3: Depot Chamber

A storage chamber further intensifies the electro-chemical process of the reactor, before e.g. the oxygen disintegrates.

ARISU 6-Step method: Step 4 (Reactive Adsorption)

Step 4: Reactive Adsorption

In this step water, enriched with oxygen and hydrogen molecules, passes through an activated carbon bed. All the previously free and bound substances, such as, chlorine, arsenic, pesticides and herbicides are completely retained.

ARISU 6-Step method: Step 5 (Fine Filtration)

Step 5: Fine Filtration

In this step, even the smallest activated carbon particles (abrasions resulting from the purification process) are filtered out.

ARISU 6-Step method: Step 6 (UV Disinfection)

Step 6: UV Disinfection

During a final step, a ultra violet light disinfection provides a rapid and effective inactivation of any microorganisms which could be present after prolonged periods of the system being in the Stand-by mode.

ARISU 'Home' - Chemical-free water treatment without energy

Low-maintenance solution for slums, townships and refugee camps

Energy-free Fresh Water Treatment

Old fashioned purification methods, such as boiling water using wood from the region, challenges local resources and contributes to the CO emission problem.

Our product – ARISU "home" - offers a 100% self-sufficient solution (no power required). It includes a "Made in Germany" filtration membrane, which ensures that water is free of pathogenic bacteria. The unit is simple to use, practically maintenance free (monthly flushing) and does not require chemicals or training. It is ideal for families living in slum/ townships or refugee camps.

Do you have any ques­tions about the tech­nol­ogy? We will be happy to advise you.


Made for developing and emerging Countries

Advantages of the ARISU 6-Step Method

  • 100 % chemical-free ( inkl. cleaning the system)

  • Minimal raw water loss, ie. sewage water (< 0,5% as compared to RO plants with approx. 25% loss)

  • Annual Maintenance – no technical experience necessary

  • Energy efficient: 800 W to 1,300 W

  • All-important raw water minerals are retained

  • Natural taste of water is not affected

  • Easy to install. Can be integrated with existing systems

Implementing low-maintenance and energy efficient ARISU 6-Step method